Employee Training

Supervisors give all guards their duties and positions prior to placing at any post. Our Supervisors give them a detailed run-down of what to watch for, any passes and pass sheets, and general information of the venue and patrons. If a guard is new to the building, they are given a “shadowing shift”, which means they will accompany a senior guard or supervisor to perform their duties at no cost to the venue. Any new employees to the WESTFORCE family are coached and questioned on the specific details and requirements of that shift. No guard is deployed without the Supervisors complete confidence in their abilities and capabilities to perform their job duties.

Our extensive training program has many levels, each with progressively more detailed training for more senior security guards and staff. Brian Tromley, our President, heads up all training on site along with Shane West and Chad Joudrey. Brian’s resume and training certifications are too long to list but include NCVI Enforcement training, AGCO license and training, EMR Paramedic training, Body search and pat down training, drug and alcohol identification training, and harassment and violence awareness training. Brian is able to teach and coach our employees using his own personal experiences and expertise. Chad Joudrey has established himself in the security field by overseeing a majority of the venues and shows that has been hosted in southern Ontario.

WESTFORCE works with all of our partners to ensure any new policies (E.g. Cannabis) are enforced and understood by all employees. WESTFORCE looks for the best people, develops their competence, and provide opportunities to grow. Teamwork and collaboration with the customer is our focus, and our integrity is second to none.

We provide our employees with the tools and support to learn, improve skills, and progress throughout their career in security. With ongoing on-the-job training, and online courses, we are constantly learning and growing

WESTFORCE is Provincially Certified to provide government-approved training for new security guards through the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. We are recognized by the Ministry as having a complete and up-to-date curriculum which will prepare new security personnel with the knowledge they will need for their many experiences in the field. All of our employees go through our extensive (51 pages) employee code of conduct handbook, created in partnership with our HR company Peninsula.

WESTFORCE has a scheduling and time clock procedure that is leading edge technology. All employees have the BrightHR app which can be downloaded to their Smartphone and have all policies and procedures with them at all times. This allows the employees to see their schedule and confirm receipt of that schedule so there are no errors in coverage for any event.

Employees are able to use the Blip app within BrightHR to clock in and out of their assigned shifts. Supervisors are able to track where they sign in and out as well to avoid any inconsistencies when it comes to hours worked and location of employees. Employees are required to be on-site before their assigned shift times and clock in with the app and with the Supervisor that records names and time in/out.
Our guards are proficient in all areas including: