What we do very well

WESTFORCE Security has over 12 years’ experience in both large and small event security in which we specialize. Our large-scale events range from stadiums and arenas, outdoor and indoor concert series, to international racetracks that deliver over 500,000 attendees annually.

Safety and discretion is our #1 priority!

We guarantee that each security guard meets and exceeds our client’s expectations, both in qualifications and professionalism.

Arenas & Live Concerts

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Our extensive experience in this area means that we understand
and recognize the unique challenges in this area.

In addition to the large volume of attendees and crowd control,
we also manage the incoming home and visiting athletes,
coaching staffs, VIP guests and media, pre and post event.

We respect and understand the multipurpose use of venues as
they require ongoing protection during crew setup, rehearsal and
teardown before and after events and concerts.

Consumer & Corporate Events

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Asset protection, staff, teams, and merchandise are
protected by our on site patrol and 24 hour surveillance,
giving our clients a strong presence and peace of mind.

We are on-call and on-site 24 hours to manage and mitigate
any issues that may arise.

National & Local Retail

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Retail security requires a delicate balance of superior customer service and vigilance as we are often the first and last people seen by consumers.

We pride ourselves as representatives of the property and brand, and respect that client retention is the #1 priority within the retail sector.

Festivals & Fairs

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Ground coverage, parking and crowd control, egress and ingress, gates and ticketing are tantamount to running a
successful and safe event. We provide a strong presence
without taking away from the enjoyment of the attendees.

Our guards provide escort services for day to day monetary
takings to secure financial assets.

Healthcare & Medical

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Privacy is a key element within the medical community, and we pride ourselves in discretion and professionalism.

Our guards have experience working within small medical clinics to large scale full hospitals. Our expertise includes employee and facility safety, access control, in-patient and out-patient assistance, patrolling and monitoring.

Covid-19 has changed the way we live and protect the community and we have adapted to provide exceptional service within the medical system.