What you can expect

All our clients at WESTFORCE are assigned a client service representative to ensure customer satisfaction. As a demonstration of our commitment to total satisfaction, we pledge to have a member from our management team respond to any client concern or call within the hour regardless of the time the call was made. We have several systems in place to ensure fulfillment of this commitment.

Customer Service Representative

The CSR is one of the keys to client satisfaction. They are charged with overseeing the Site Supervisors at the client’s facility and provides the necessary support to clients and employees to ensure client satisfaction.


A key ingredient to understanding client need. We provide continuous feedback to both the client and other Supervisors on a weekly, or if needed, a daily basis to address any concerns or improvements.

Account Management

We ensure that all client expectations and standards are continually met and exceeded. The CSR assigned to an account will conduct a quarterly one-on-one review of the Client Satisfaction Survey to discuss results, and potential areas of growth.


Read about our experiences with some of our clients. 

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

WESTFORCE has been in partnership with Canadian Tire Motorsport Park for their international race series since 2017. WESTFORCE provides coverage over the 900-acre park including all points of entry, mobile patrol, asset protection, and parking enforcement. Our guards are entrusted with the protection of assets exceeding $5M per race team. WESTFORCE is also responsible for VIP events, VIP attendees, and VIP parking during all events. A typical event will span from mid-week until Sunday evening, which includes pre-event setup for teams, staff, and patrons. WESTFORCE monitors and secures the park for a 24-hour period from pre-event to post event deploying over 50 guards per day. Our guards are assigned the duty of monitoring and protecting the 50,000+ attendees during the event, which includes overnight management of the grounds.

Peterborough Regional Hospital

WESTFORCE has also been contracted to provide security for the Peterborough Regional Hospital. It is an honour to be partnered with such a revered cornerstone of the community. Our guards are responsible for access control, general patrol of the building and parking lot, assisting patrons with issues pertaining to all elements and aspects of the building.

Budweiser Stage

WESTFORCE had partnered with the Budweiser stage to provide undercover security service for various concerts. Our guards were mainly tasked with recognizing intoxication and rowdiness of thousands of patrons.

Peterborough Memorial Centre

WESTFORCE has been a proud partner with the Peterborough Memorial Center since December of 2016 providing licensed, uniformed security guards at all major events and concerts. WESTFORCE was personally asked to assist in all events and concerts by facility management due to our expertise and reputation with other similar venues. The PMC was finding that their current provider at the time was not able to adequately fulfill its obligations with quality and quantity of security guards. WESTFORCE received a last-minute request at the beginning of the summer to fulfill security obligations not met by the current provider. That request included all Laker Lacrosse games and parking lot duties, including the Farmers Market. We are proud to assist the Peterborough Memorial Center staff and patrons to make each experience a great one and look forward to having a long-lasting relationship.